THE PULSE KZN MAGAZINE has been under the ownership of 
Sandy Danckwerts since October 2017.

The Pulse KZN Magazine was originally established in January 1998 with the aim to get information to the public, both for local residents and also for the many visitors and tourists who frequent our coastline on a regular basis. Today the publication is still a very much loved publication by all and the invaluable editions are now “jam packed” with all sorts of everything including fun images, lots of humour, valued contributor’s columns, business features as well as beautiful quotes reminding our readers to revel in the great wonders and the many mysteries of life.

Through its duration in the first couple of years it went through a few changes in size, being A5 to A6, and then the name from “The Entertainer” to “The South Coaster” and then finally to what we all now have come to know as
“The Pulse KZN Magazine”.

See here this “Blast from the past” with these past photo’s!

 If you are an advertiser on one of these pages here below and still in business we would love to hear from you and offer you a very special discounted feature rate.